About Us

The team behind ThorsNet also created the FinTech startup moQom. moQom used Mobile Network Operator data to deliver Fraud Prevention & Identity services to banks. But having developed award wining technology, moQom was faced with passing CyberSecurity audits before major global banks would deploy its technology. 

The lack of off-the-shelf specialist security products meant moQom took the project in-house. The final project cost was €696k, a burnt-out team and 1 painful year of disruption focussing on security not core business.

An additional €210k annual maintenance cost meant the total CyberSecurity cost for the team of 17 was €26k per user per year (split over 3 years).

moQom isn’t unique in the CyberSecurity challenge it faced. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means every business must protect its data. It doesn’t matter if the business is a FinTech start-up or a local gym, the exact same rules apply. But clearly the cost and effort places effective CyberSecurity out of reach of most Small & Medium Enterprises. 

There had to be a better approach!

Affordable CyberSecurity

ThorsNet is a spinoff from moQom Ltd. All of moQom’s World Class network & CyberSecurity technology has been transfered into ThorsNet. The result is a business dedicated to delivering ready-made, World Class CyberSecurity products.

ThorsNet provide affordable, pain-free, secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Organisations simply rent off-the-shelf products such as secured laptops, secured Wi-Fi, mobile device management or managed secure hosting as needed.

Businesses need only provide CyberSecurity to critical staff (accounts, sales, CEO, etc) as and when needed. There isn’t a need to spend small fortunes securing the entire organisation at once. Rollout now fits within the natural IT spend – only replace infrastructure, such as laptops, as it fails.

Businesses must have some form of technical support anyway. Wouldn’t it be great if a typical small-medium business (~30 staff) could access secure infrastructure, complete with IT support helpdesk, at less than the cost of one support engineer?

The GDPR College was created by a group of CyberSecurity and Data Protection experts to cut through mountains of GDPR Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Of course organisations big and small must take GDPR seriously, but compliance may not be as difficult as some might have us believe. But you need to start now.

 The GDPR College:

  • Cuts through GDPR noise, misinformation and myth
  • Provides business owners and managers with essential information, tools and support
  • Gives businesses clear step-by-step compliance direction
  • Educates managers and staff on GDPR and CyberSecurity
  • Speeds-up compliance through template GDPR processes and reports
  • Follows education with ongoing client support and advice
  • Creates local GDPR support groups, helping local business to help each other
  • Represents businesses when audited by the GDPR Supervisory Authority
  • Incident Response Team can take charge when you have a data loss

Like any regulation, it should be possible for organisations to self-comply once they know what to do.

The GDPR College has created specialist, step by step, courses and workshops cutting through the GDPR noise, giving you the complete picture for GDPR self-compliance. In a sharp, focussed learning environment, participants are given the relevant facts and tools needed to apply GDPR to their business.

moQom Consulting provide a boutique consulting offering, supporting select businesses facing CyberSecurity or regulatory challenges around GDPR, PSD2, 4MLD, MiFID II, NIS, eIDAS etc.

Its Consultative Approach is anchored in discussing a client’s business and identifying the best, most cost effective and least disruptive solution for the client, in conjunction with the client. Not only do solutions fix the clients core problem, but can often yield significant operational efficiencies and cost savings. Consultative Approach is light touch, in that it does not necessarily involve heavy or prolonged client input during initial scoping.

Professional services assist clients from their initial Compliance Assessment right through to defining, delivering and achieving compliance. A range of training and role outsource services are also offered. For example, CyberSecurity and Data Protection training of in-house staff. Alternatively, businesses can outsource key functions such as Data Protection and CyberSecurity Risk Management.

As associate consultants of NashTech, a division of Harvey Nash plc, moQom Consulting can provide a full consulting and advisory service offering. NashTech enable moQom Consulting cater for anything from small boutique compliance and CyberSecurity projects, to delivering large-scale, complex Systems Integration projects.

Meet The Team

Colin Larkin

Colin Larkin

Security Consultant

Consulting Skills

– CyberSecurity
– Identity Management & Authentication
– Data Protection (GDPR)
– Payments & Mobile Payments (PSD2)
– Fraud Prevention & Risk Management
– Telecommunications
– ISO 27001
– Innovation & Thought Leadership
– Television & Radio CyberSecurity Commentator

Paul Delahunty

Paul Delahunty

Operations Manager

Consulting Skills

– ISO 27001
– CyberSecurity
– Identity Management & Authentication
– Data Protection (GDPR)
– Fraud Prevention
– Risk Management
– Telecommunications
– Project Management
– People Management

Who We Are

Consulting is all about the people. It’s about having the right people, with the right experience who can quickly get to the root of a problem and present the most cost effective, least disruptive solution for the client.

With decades of experience, the moQom Consulting team are recognised thought leaders in the Compliance, CyberSecurity, Payments and Identity Management space. Holders of granted global patents, the team have built an award-winning FinTech business (“Top 100 FinTech” in Europe in 2016; “Top 20 FinTech” in Ireland since 2014) and were selected by MasterCard for its global StartPath accelerator programme. The team passed detailed CyberSecurity & compliance audits with global banks. Here in Ireland, it successfully navigated complex data protection hurdles to rollout a national mobile fraud prevention service still in use today. Other projects include designing, building and managing identity and critical infrastructure for an Irish pillar bank.

A moQom Consulting veteran, Colin Larkin is a regular contributor to Morning Ireland and RTÉ News on CyberSecurity and Data Protection matters. Today the team is working on a ground-breaking national Digital Identity service.

Core Values

Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, Respect

Board & Advisors

The core consulting team is supported by a number of senior and experienced people. Advisors to Board of Directors include:

  • Head of Regulatory (major Irish mobile operator)
  • Head of Litigation (top Irish law firm)
  • Senior VP – Advisory (for Consulting arm of a plc)
    – Formerly Head of Consulting Services for major software multinational
  • Director of Consulting Services, Nordic multinational
  • Former Board Member of numerous banking subsidiaries

Partners & Advisors

Part of Harvey Nash Group, NashTech is a global technology, consulting and outsourcing company.

They have been developing cloud based technology solutions, consulting businesses on how to adopt cloud and digital strategies and streamlining business processes for companies in a number of sectors to transform, grow and reach new markets from their two development centres in Vietnam since 2000.

They specialise in software services, advisory and consulting and business process outsourcing, supporting global organisations to deliver the right technology solutions to support their individual business needs.

They operate in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Japan so they have resources on the ground in countries across the globe. This enables them to go where their clients go, ensuring they have the technology services they need to support strategic business growth.

McCann FitzGerald offers expert, forward-thinking legal counsel to clients in Ireland and around the world. Their deep knowledge spans a range of industry sectors, so they can see around corners and tailor solutions to fit your specific needs.

The firm is owned by their partners, and they are committed to providing the highest quality legal advice to their clients in the corporate, financial and business sectors.