Fast Track 27001 Certification

Fast Track 27001

Be GDPR compliant, become ISO 27001 Certified

The gold standard in CyberSecurity is ISO 27001 however the cost and effort associated with the standard means it’s usually restricted to large organisations.

Rather than re-inventing CyberSecurity each time, ThorsNet has developed a suite of ready-made security products and services which can simply be dropped into an organisations network.

Fast Track 27001

Combining these ready-made security products with ThorsNet Fast Track 27001 means even a small organisation can become ISO 27001 compliant in a very short time with minimal cost and effort. Effectively the client outsources most of the effort and processes required to comply with ISO 27001.

Of course, even with the ThorsNet products, the client still needs to make some changes to their processes and way of working. But this is a tiny fraction of the cost and effort otherwise needed.

What’s now left is handled by our Fast Track 27001 process template pack. But even these few remaining process are considerably lighter than they otherwise would be. Once the Fast Track processes have been customised to suit the client, ThorsNet supports the client to help staff understand the processes, as well as apply them for day to day operations. Next, an independent ISO 27001 auditor is engaged by ThorsNet to review the clients business and processes. The purpose of this “Stage 1” audit is to satisfy the auditor that the business has sufficient controls in place to meet ISO 27001.

Approximately 1-2 months later, the external auditor returns to review usage of and adherence to the processes. If successful, ISO 27001 certification is awarded.

Fast Track GDPR compliance