Secure File Backup

Its 2am and the end of a long day. The 9am customer presentation is finally ready. Closing your laptop you grab some sleep. Arriving at the customer office with some time to spare, you chat with the client as you setup, but your laptop refuses to start.

No panic. “My laptop died, can I borrow yours?”, you ask the client. Logging into ThorsNet-backup you open the presentation and settle into a great meeting.

Back in the office, the laptop is beyond repair. Grabbing a new ThorsNet-book, the login takes a few minutes extra as your files are restored and applications installed. A relaxing coffee later, everything is back as it was at 2am without any disruption to your day.

By simply selecting the directories or files you want to backup, ThorsNet-backup is the ultimate safety-net. Not only are your files continually synchronised, but version control allows you to return to any previous version, ensuring you never lose your files. The secure login means you can access your files from any device. Shared files and folders makes for easy collaboration between clients and colleagues.

Every file is fully encrypted on the laptop before backup using end-to-end encryption with zero-knowledge standards. What this means is that ThorsNet engineers have no ability to view or edit your files as they have zero knowledge of your encryption passwords or keys. You remain in full control of your data at all times. Strong data encryption is also a key aspect of GDPR compliance.

    ThorsNet-backup features include:

    • Up to 1 TB secure storage
    • GDPR compliant EU based storage
    • End-to-end encryption with zero-knowledge standards
    • Sync your existing folder structure
    • Android, iOS, Windows Phone, & Blackberry apps
    • Selective sync to extend your hard drive
    • Unlimited file version control
    • Windows Explorer integration
    • Unlimited activity log of folder activity
    • Secure file & folder link sharing